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Nutone Big Heat Heater $42.00

Big Heat® Model 6201• Rugged steel construction, durable finish with integrated carrying handle and rounded bumpers to protect surfaces
• Instant, automatic safety shut-off if tipped over on its front or back
• Overheat protection shuts off the heater and activates the “caution” light if excess heat is detected
• Efficient, ceramic heating elements with full 1500 watts for fast warm-up, 1200 watt setting maintains warmth using less electricity
• High, low, or fan only settings with quiet operation
• Built-in thermostat to hold the comfort level you select
• 6′ cord with safety flanged plug

Why Broan Big Heat®? Because this rugged, reliable heater works as hard as you do.
Our portable, electric heater is the perfect solution to instant heat, with a full 1500 watts and a reliable, ceramic heating element to ensure fast warm-up. It will keep you comfortable in nearly any situation— the garage, workshop or on the job.

Rugged steel construction, automatic shut-off if tipped over on its front or back, and overheat protection mean that Broan Big Heat is not only durable, but safe. No matter where you put it to work, it’s just what you need, right when you need it.

Model 6201 Unit size:
5 7⁄8″ x 6″ x 5 1⁄4″

Additional Models Available:
6201 Big Heat®

Affresh™ Washer Cleaner (part#W10135699) $6.99

Affresh™ Washer Cleaner removes and prevents odor-causing residue that can occur in all brands of HE washers. While bleach only kills odor-causing bacteria leaving behind the detergent residue, Affresh™ Washer Cleaner uses surfactant chemistry to remove the root problem. Affresh™ cleaner is a formulated, slow-dissolve, foaming tablet that gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.

Affresh Washer Cleaner

Smooth Top Cleaner Parts – Whirlpool #20000001

Smooth Top Stove CleanerStove Top cleaner

Whirlpool Corporation – Part #13030 BAG CADDY

13030 BAG CADDY $11.99

Fits around the compactor bag inside a 15 inch compactor Easy-grip handles allow you to lift the bag out and carry it easily to the curb Also makes a great log carrier for the fireplace. 




Keep cigarette litter safely hidden from public view and enhance your property’s image with the sleek, contemporary styling of Elite Smokers Cease-Fire. Fire tested and approved by FM Global, this no-rust polyethylene receptacle features a patented oxygen-restricting, self extinguishing design to safely collect burning butts.

Get 10% off as



used on 24 volt
or milivolt systems
also has positive
off position.

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FXUVC Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter $30.85


FXUVC Replacement filters fit in the following single stage models:
GX1S15, GX1S01C, GN1S15 and GN1S20C

-Activated carbon block construction
-Reduces MTBE, VOC’s, mercury, lead, cysts, chlorine taste & odor, asbestos, turbidity, sediment & rust
-Fits most major brand systems
-Filters last up to 400 gallons or 6 months
-Genuine GE Part

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WF3CB Frigidaire PureSource3 Refrigerator Water Filter

WF3CB Frigidaire PureSource3 Refrigerator Water Filter fits Frigidaire and Electrolux refrigerators that use the PureSource 3 filter system.The Frigidaire WF3CB produces cleaner, better tasting drinking water. The PureSource3 filters all dispensed drinking water, as well as the water used to produce ice.

Reduces the Following:
-Chlorine Taste and Odor
-Particulates (class I)
-Atrazine (Herbacide)
-2, 4-D (Herbacide)
-Toxaphene (Pesticide)

FXHSC GE Heavy Duty Replacement Household Sediment Filter $13.42

GE FXHSC SmartWater Whole House Sediment Filter – fits household filtration models GXWH40L, GXWH30C, HDSFI, GXWH35F and GNWH38F

* Pleated paper construction

*Reduces sand, sediment and rust

*Fits most major brands of heavy duty household filter 4 1/2″ x 10″ sumps

*Filters last up to 24,000 gallons or 3 months

*Genuine GE Part